Map Life Magazine Wedding Edition

Special Edition of Map Life! Magazine

Map Life! Wedding

Map Life! Magazine is happy to announce new edition dedicated to Weddings.
Following special style of Map Life! Magazines, Artnethouse produces illustrated magazine with beautiful story of Client's wedding.
Packages with different options are the base for tailor-made solution. Artnethouse will take pictures during wedding and related events or use archive images provided by Client. Options included in different packages can be combined or extended on demand.
Non-disclosure agreement and necessary release documents are included in Contract. We respect the rights for privacy.

Memories Package

The Client provides archive photos which will illustrate the Story. Artnethouse interviews Client or Client's representative about the wedding event.

Our Wedding Package

Photographer of Artnethouse/Map Life! Magazine takes pictures during wedding and events before and after on demand. Interviews before and after wedding.

The layout of the magazine is agreed before it is printed. Amount of changes depends from selected Package, like in History editions of Map Life! Magazine or by agreement between Artnethouse and the Client.


Please contact for more details and new surprising options.

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