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We have flexible pricing for weddings.

We help you to choose more suitable for your wedding package.

Our base packages are defined carefully for different budgets and preferences. For all packages we provide video on demand.

We would like to know the locations before shooting as well as other details: program, other venues, preferences, ethnicity, ages etc. This will help us to choose style, equipment and provide best services. Meeting before wedding, signing of a contract are necessary.


Retouch can be applied on demand. The price and time necessary for processing, depends from complexity of work. Please read our article about different levels of retouching

Our FAQ page will give additional information about our services

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Reportage Package

100 photos in format jpeg to download from our site. Print ready retouched high resolution images.

4 - 6 hours on locations.

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Luxury package

300 photos on USB drive or DVD or download from our site. Print ready retouched high resolution images in jpeg format. Copies optimized for web. Printed album up to 70-100 photos.

Full day on locations - up to 12 hours.

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VIP package

500 photos on USB drive or DVD and backup to download from our site. Print ready retouched high resolution images in jpeg format. Copies optimized for web. Printed album up to 70-100 photos.

50 printed photos 10x15 cm. Surprising gifts for married couple and guests. Luxury finish or albums and accessories. Big prints. We are connected to best labs. Special quality of prints and albums require some time for delivery. Usually 2-3 weeks after all photos prepared.

2 full days on locations, 12 + 12 hours. Engagement, ceremony, party, other.

If you need a photographer to follow your honeymoon trip, please communicate the details.

DSLR video we include on demand.

Backup of files on our side during 1 year in secured directory.


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We agree the price of a session and you can buy photos later separately.

Amount of photos according to selected package and hours.

Prints on demand.

Travel on demand.

Tailor-made individual packages we create with you together.

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With all packages:

Travel and stay expenses invoiced,

Tax included in price,

Printing expences, insurance, consultation/meetings invoiced.

Locations permissions if required, please arrange in advance.

Photos for selection we provide in reduced size on our site in secured directory. We send you password.

Your guests can order photos and prints from our site when final retouched photos published. Just share password to them.

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To secure day of service please contact in advance.

We demand 50% of contract price to be paid in advance.

Once payment received, we guarantee to work agreed days for you.

In case of cancellation of already paid event we keep the sum agreed from advance paid.


Prints can be ordered later after you choose photos for album.

If prints are not included in your package, You can return to us with print orders any time later, when it is suitable for you.

Final retouched photos we deliver on USB drive or allow download from our site after full payment. Time of post processing depends from selected package and complexity of retouching. In average from 1 to 2 weeks. We keep your photos backup during 2 years. If you lost your photos, we will provide you download from our site.

From these photos you can select agreed amount for album. Price of album depends from amount of photos, brand and size.


Wedding photo albums and books

It is very important to have not only photos for social sharing, but real prints and books, which you can touch, browse, give from hand to hand. We partner different suppliers for wedding and events albums and photo books.

Please have a look at samples of photo albums and books; they are very different in design and pricing. On your demand an album or a book can be included in your wedding reportage contract, or you can order it later, when you take your time to see retouched and print ready photos. If you want us to choose photos and design, then it is better to include it in your reportage contract and you will receive your albums much quicker.

Beautiful, durable, resistant covers will protect your photos for many years. Imagine: your children are browsing your wedding album during their engagement evening!

 Wedding albums for orders

Wedding photo books designs

Wedding album quality

We propose not only photos, but coffee cups, canva prints, albums, posters, necklaces and many other products with images from your Wedding. Please consider time for delivery. Usually it is no more than 2 weeks.


 Additional services may include help with your shopping, make-up, advises for shooting locations, schedule. We know that for visitors it is enough difficult to arrange many things in short time. Please order our accompaniment services and we will help you!

This is a time-based service, we will collect necessary information for you and help you during preparations days.

The photographer is interested in your better look!


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