Restoration of photos

Restauration des photos par Artnethouse Images

 Restored photo of marine by Artnethouse Brussels photographer

 Restoration of portrait by Artnethouse

Restoration before and after example by Artnethouse

Restoration of old or damaged photos

Artnethouse SPRL does restoration of old photos for clients.
The process includes evaluation and processing. The time, efforts and output quality depend from the quality of photo supplied by Client.
We do our best to restore photos of your parents, grand parents, children, relatives and colleagues.
Restoration can be different. Before to send us your photos, please think which kind of restoration you want.
Do you want just to digitalize an old photo, which started to loose its layers? Or do you want not only a restoration, but complex retouching, which includes drawing of lost parts? Here is a check list to find out which service is better for your photos:

1. I need to keep "original" look and just remove spots and scratches in places, where restorator can be sure about content shapes and colors.
2. I need maximum retouching, including redraw of missing parts?
3. I need to add vignettes, glow or other effects to a final image?
4. I need it printed. Please note, that it is rarely possible to print a photo bigger than original one with decent quality. We can tell you after evaluation, which max size of print is better.

and then
Scan your image at 300-600ppi and save it as TIFF or JPEG (max possible quality).
Send us a list of options which you selected and your scanned file. If you can bring or send us original photos, then we will scan them. Please note, that very old photos continue to destroy, espesially during transportation, and the best option is to scan these photos at your place.
We evaluate a volume of work and time needed and send you our price.
8. Pay service fee and wait for results. Materials which you sent to us by post we send to you after evaluation. Final price may include post fees.

How to scan

Minimum requirements:
1. 300-600dpi/ppi, please use a good scanner.
2. Save file as .TIFF or .jpeg/.jpg in highest quality, no compression.
3. Files can be big. If your file is grater than 10 mb, please use services like Dropbox to upload file. From there we can donload your files. Or you send to our service directly.


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