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Artnethouse Photography Service Creates History of Business and Private Life with Unique Editions of Map Life Magazines

Artnethouse launched service Map Life! Magazines for wide audience. Map Life! captures best moments of business or private life as series of connected stories and pictures.

Brussels, 2 July 2015: Artnethouse SPRL is pleased to announce start of Map Life! Magazine worldwide project after presentation in Belgium on 1 July 2015 and welcomes clients from other countries.
New service Map Life! is designed by Artnethouse for a wide audience and captures best moments as series of stories. Artnethouse proposes this service of history recording for companies, families, friends, children, any social group. Different versions and options are available for private and for corporate clients.
Professional photographers create series of photos depicting best moments of life. Every year Client will receive a new edition(s) in beautiful presentation, digital and printed. Professional writer contributes text for this Life Story. Every edition is in line with selected style and never similar to magazine created for other client.
Artnethouse creates service plan together with Client, and will fit it to different budgets, from My Life Story to VIP packages. Subscription to this service will guarantee delivery of beautiful illustrated stories created by professionals.
Artnethouse works together with Client to define in contract how often, where, with who our photographer will take pictures and other details. Artnethouse's passion is to give the best result and to achieve it the creatives follow changes in Client's life and preferences. Artnethouse will have a look at the past, and the new stories will naturally join the history, and continue with the modern life.

About Artnethouse SPRL.: Artnethouse SPRL is Belgium based ICT consultancy and professional photography company, founded in 2011.


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