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Portraits: Personality, Family, Glamour, Action, Professional, Official, Model Portfolio, Street portraits, Group sessions.

Portraits are different. And we do them differently!
Official or private, funny and character, ages, situations - we do our best for your presentation.
Individual and group sessions, headshots and staged on location group portraits.
We advise you to plan your time in advance, and let us know about available space at your location.
We shoot on location, then post process these Images and the final result will not disappoint you!
We create Portraits of different categories, in different conditions.
The photos delivered as jpeg files in a secured directory on our website. We send to our client a link to this directory and a password.
The base price can be affected by complexity of work, amount of photos to shoot and post process,
by complexity of post processing, distance to shooting location etc. And our prices are always reasonable.
Time and amount of photos are negotiable, please contact us for simple and reasonable solution.
Special options are available on demand.
Retouched photos will be available for download from our website. You are welcome to order prints, which can be delivered framed or not.
You will be informed by e-mail about web address and password for your folder.
DVD or USB drive are our alternatives for downloads.
Prints are created in collaboration with best labs. Big amount of materials, sizes, frames, albums and books, gifts does the choice difficult, and we advise to contact us for help with correct and quick selection.
VIP services are available for all types of portraits, please contact us to know the details of our proposal - link to contact page.
Beautiful surprises are waiting for you!
VIP sessions include additional services and more complex post processing, preparation of photos for big wall prints. We are connected to famous printing labs worldwide to provide you with a best quality. Beautiful surprises are waiting for you!
We can arrange VIP package as a project with agreed duration. In frame of this project we will document life and grow of your child and prepare photo book. Indoors, outdoors, action, school sport, hobby, travel - there is no limit for creativity. High quality of images allow to create big printed portraits. You will receive photos as digital files on USB drive, or you download them from secured directory on our site. Photobooks and portraits can be printed on different papers and canvas, with modern or classic frames.

Depending from selected package, different levels of retouching can be applied on client's demand. Please read our blog article about photo retouching http://artnethouse.photodeck.com/-/galleries/blog/retouch-for-different-purposes

Please find here additional information about our services http://artnethouse.photodeck.com/faq

Our samples:

Baby and childhood

Baby portrait - it is great! We do it for you. Your child will not be shy to show it after many many years!
We don't do it in a hurry, please plan your time. Minimum 1 hour for 10 photos. Then we will do our magic of post processing.
We come to your location or come with you to a place of choice. Studio lights, different clothes, toys - you have all photos different!
Pregnancy, baby, growing children - your family deserves high quality photos made by professionals and
Artnethouse - Your baby photographer!
Photos of school and sport events by Artnethouse will memorize for you brilliant moments forever.
Imagine a big wall print with your child in action! Colors of a quality paper will last for many years.
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 Portrait of a girl by Artnethouse


Family sessions with fun!
Presentation shots, funny gatherings, parties, anniversaries - we add to your family archive.
On location or mobile session - we cover Day of Family. Please plan in advance to secure half or full day.
Outdoors sessions can depend from weather, please communicate.


Fashion and glamour photography, portraits in costumes and special locations. For public or for friends and family members. Please book in advance. Our service includes consultation and test shots if necessary. Special expenses can be included depending from session. Please note: we don't shoot full nudity. Charming portraits with stylish post processing will be delivered as files, or prints. Price is calculated from base service price plus all necessary for session expences (including location permissions) and taxes. Advance 50% is mandatory to secure day of session.


Are you in Belgium for vacations? Or you plan special event with your friends or family?
We cover your event and prepare reportage albums. This is time based service, please book in advance.
We follow you in choosen locations in Belgium or propose our itinerary.
In case of very bad weather we refund your advance payment or agree another date.

Portrait in labo by Artnethouse Images


We prepare corporate portraits. Static and in action, at your work place. Reportage or presentation. Please arrange all necessary permissions for locations in advance if they are required. Per person or time based calculations are available. Prices may vary for groups and for individual sessions. If more photos of personnel is required, please consider at least 10 min per person. More time can be required depending from location and necessary preparations. VAT is not included in price for companies.
Post processing includes retouch, print preparation, 1 copy of every photo optimized for web. Retouched photos will be available for download from our website. You are welcome to order prints, which can be delivered framed or not.

 Tango dancers Marga Wouters and Peter Rombouts

Marga Wouters and Peter Rombouts - the Names in Tango

Official portrait

Why it is separated from other options? Just because this is not a portrait for fun. This is your Image you add to your LinkedIn profile, CV, Business page, employee page of your company, even your visiting card. Clean, in color of black&white. We create your personal presentation.
You will receive up to 5 headshots with different styling. We shoot on location. Portable studio does not need a lot of space.


 Young man tasting drink

Model Portfolio

We create portfolios for presentation to Agencies, editors, event organizers.
Service includes initial meeting, selection of Image for presentation, location, make-up, hairdressing, clothes, style of post processing.
If location requires photo permission, please arrange this before photo session. Selected complexity of post processing will affect the price and time. All photos will be delivered as high resolution JPEG /sRGB files. On demand we can provide other formats (tiff, psd etc.) and backup in case you lost your pictures. Prints can be ordered any time later if needed. All packages include 5 natural looking images with simple outfit (headshot, standing, sitting, emotion, angle, action). For this you need t-shirt/jeans/small skirt or similar. Simple natural make-up. Agencies want to see you first, not your dress. For other shots you can select any outfit, any "scenic image".
VIP services are provided upon discussion. Special options are available for your best presentation.

Outdoors portrait

Portrait of a man by Artnethouse

Glamour portrait by Artnethouse

Street portraits

Travelling to Brussels and Belgium? Are you participating in event in your quarter or city? Book our service to document it! We will capture unforgettable moments for you.
No problem of "always minus one person on photo". Our photographer will care about this. Please book our services in advance. If location requires permission for fotography, please arrange it before payment. All expenses for location, stay and transport will be included in invoice if session is organized not in Brussels.

Street portrait of a young woman

Young person by Artnethouse Images portraits in Brussels

Group Sessions

We take photos of groups on locations. This can be a conference, a corporate party, an anniversary, a school event etc.Our service is measured by time, with estimation of 10 images per hour. Please agree the date in advance. Deposit payment is required. You can pay by PayPal, Visa (provided by Paypal, no account required, please read our blog article).

Couple by Artnethouse photo

Two girls by Artnethouse photographer in Brussels

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