Licensing for business and private clients

 Artnethouse SPRL has flexible and easy to understand licensing for images created for client.

The price depends from type of usage of photos and necessary expenses.
These types we grouped in packages for simplicity.

Corporate Limited Rights Managed License

Lower price and limitations by license duration set for 3 years. This is not transferrable License. The Company can use these images for internal publications, including web.
No transfer to third party, no transfer for advertisement services providers. After 3 years company should license this image again to continue usage.

Corporate Limited Royalty Free License

Next price level does not require time limitation, the Client can use The Image forever. This is not transferrable License. The Company can use these images for internal publications, including web. The Client cannot give or sell these images to third party for usage.

Royalty Free License

This License allows transfer to third party for advertisement and public relations purposes and all types of usage mentioned for Corporate Limited Rights Managed License and Corporate Limited Royalty Free License. This is not transferrable License. All transfers to third party should be limited to "work for hire" for the Client or project of the Client. No limitation by time is defined.

Buyout License

With this license The Client can use the images he paid for any purpose including transfer to third party, on free or commercial base.
The Photographer transfers Copyright to the Client. Necessary document should be signed by both parties.


The Client agrees with general consitions of Artnethouse which include:
All images from this site cannot be used in any defamatory purpose or in situation which can be understood as defamatory.
This website is using Photodeck Services. Please read Terms & Conditions.
The Photographer keeps right to use Images Licensed under all conditions for his promotion on any media. Restrictions can be applied only if they agreed in contract or Images have Content limited for Publications by general laws. The Client only is responsible for legal and ethical usage of Images produced for the Client. The Photographer is not liable for any misuse by the Client and his relations. Due to digital nature of production, no refund is possible. Paying for images, the Client agrees with this condition. If any other conditions are necessary, we are open for discussion.

Expenses and fees

Producing of Images as "Work for Hire" includes signing of contract and necessary expenses. In case when any trip is required, The Client pays advance in volume agreed by Contract but not less than expences for travel and stay on Location. In case of cancellation before expenses for travel paid by Photographer, the Sum will be returned to the Client, except cancellation fee. Cancellation Feee is defined in contract. The Client pais all bank fees and convertion in Euro. All documents necessary for work for Client should be arranged before the work starts, as well as advance payment tranfer. Advance payment is 50% from the Contract sum if not defined differently like in case where trip is a part of the work. The Photographer will include in invoice all expences necessary to produce these Images and time he spent for preparation of documents, possible legal advise, insurance, stay, meals, fees on location and equipment. The Client can be charged for preparations and unextected expences on hourly or daily base according to Contract. Also expenses can be invoiced on per items base plus time fee of the Photographer.

The VAT is defined in invoices for Business Clients and it is included in price for Private clients. All topics not covered by Contract are regulated by Belgian Laws.


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