Stock Imagery Licensing

We license images under 2 main types of licenses: Commercial and Editorial. Available for every image licenses can be found below the image as buttons. Click on a button to see license details.

Simplified description of licenses used by ArtNetHouse

Both types are split into 2 categories: Royalty-Free and Rights Managed.

Images under Editorial Royalty-Free or Editorial Rights Managed licenses may contain not released people and properties, trademarks and logos. This in fact restricts usage of such category of images to Editorial purposes only. For additional permissions Client is responsible for obtaining of such permissions from all parties involved. The Client agrees to accept responsibility for correct usage of Editorial Images and Images licensed under other conditions. Using content published on this site, the Client agrees to follow license restrictions and understands, that he is liable for any misuse of the content received, not ArtNetHouse.

All images on this site with Editorial Licenses (RM and RF) cannot be used for promotion and production of commercial products or projects.

All images from this site cannot be resold or distributed for free.

Photos exposed on this site cannot be used on Print on Demand sites or Stock Photo sites for resale. ArtNetHouse and contributing photographers only have the right to distribute images on other sites.

All images from this site cannot be used in any defamatory purpose or in situation which can be understood as defamatory.

ArtNetHouse sells licenses, but keeps copyright for all images produced. In case of buyout an agreement will be done per image.

When selected "Buy License" the Client will be guided through the process of licensing and purchase.

Images under Rights Managed license published on this site can be sold as exclusive, please contact for details.

Images which have "exclusive" keyword and the same word in the Title of the image are exclusive for this Site and cannot be downloaded somewhere else legally. Only ArtNetHouse can sell these images as prints on Print on Demand sites. File downloads of Exclusive Images can be licensed only on or other sites which belong to ArtNetHouse.

If there is no standard license which fits your needs, please contact us to negotiate.

Client agrees that all sales are final and ArtNetHouse will not reimburse and accept return of images. ArtNetHouse has No Refund policy for digital downloads. The client should verify that his order is correct before proceed with payment. In case of problem with payment or downloading process please contact our support using online contact form.

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