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Q: In which style do you work?

A: We don’t follow just one manner of work. Which style or styles we decide after conversations with future couple and sometimes during a wedding day. If special arrangement or post process styling is agreed as a VIP service, this will be included in your contract, or additional agreement signed.

Artistic filtering is not included in budget packages. Photos are treated as editorial (lightning, contrast, sharpness are adjusted).

Q: What is a basic post-processing by default?

A: All files for budget reportages are delivered in jpeg format, saved with high quality, in quantity agreed with a client. Lightning, contrast, colors are corrected. No special effects applied, no face and body corrections.

Q: Which sizes/resolution have delivered files?

A: This depends from many factors and cannot be defined for every file in reportage work in advance. The size or dimensions is amount of pixels, usually counted by longest side of the image. Dimensions of output file depend from: composition cropping, conditions of shooting, post processing type, timing, and in any way we try to deliver files big enough for printing, usually not less than 6 – 8 megapixels (3.5-9.0 Mb in average) for basic quickly treated reportages, which allow to print albums and posters (please note, this delivery size is bigger size than usually delivered by many photojournalists with high-end cameras).

For more expensive packages we can provide bigger files, 10-25 MP, and bigger for especially staged shots. Post processing and retouching of big files require more time and is not provided for budget packages.

If you have a need of a particular size of the prints produced from photo session, please provide exact size of expected print in advance. Descriptions as “big” or “small” will not work in this case, because it is subjective. If you selected a package without mentioning of exact size, then photographer produces files with size according to package paid.


We deliver with high, acceptable for print labs quality 300 dpi, sRGB color space, jpeg files, if not agreed another. By default images have 3:2 ratio, or square, depends from composition. In special cases when composition of the image requires other values, we provide such file to the client.

Quality, size and price of prints may vary in different labs and depend from their qualification and equipment.

Q: How big can be print from different sizes of files?

A: Exist average measurement; every print lab can play around it. Popular consumer print labs provide tables for client convenience. Please refer to these examples:



or other sources in internet. Remember when several years ago outdoor billboards were printed with images taken by 2-4 MP cameras?

Q: What are copies optimized for web?

A: For Luxury and VIP packages we provide also smaller copies of delivered photos (1-2MP jpeg files) with compression about 7,5-8,5 to save the time of a client, if they want to share them online. Please note, that some locations don’t allow online sharing, usually clients sign an agreement with administration of such locations.

Q: What are high and low resolution photos?

A: This is very subjective. First of all, “high resolution” has nothing to do with “full resolution” of camera. Full resolution rarely is used because of cropping, post processing etc.

In common practice to low resolution images belong sizes for web use which don’t cover full screen, like illustrations of blogs, articles, smartphone screens etc. High resolution is usually associated with printing possibilities. So for example for illustration of article in blog a file can be of enough high resolution, but the same file for printing of a poster has low resolution.

Q: When I see my files at your site, I think they are too small for big prints.

A: Images which you see are thumbnails, low resolution web presentation. To have an impression from delivered files, you have to download them to your computer and see at full size. It is useless to zoom the thumbnails.

Q: How can I download my files?

A: If you already paid in full, then thumbnail images have no watermarks initially and above the image you have 2 download buttons: download, download all or all 5-start.

When you download a single file, your download starts immediately. If you download to your smartphone, be sure that you have enough space.

If you download all or selected files, then please follow on-screen instructions. You need to provide your e-mail where the system will send a download link. This is done for simplicity and secure download of big volumes.

If your payment is done in full after you see files in your folder with watermark, don’t worry, and just use a download buttons to receive not watermarked photos. All images which you download are free from watermark and in highest possible resolution.

Q: How many photos you take?

A: This is a part of a contract. For portraits please consider 10 photos per hour, for reportages the amount is bigger and may vary depending from the event type and situation. Usually photographer takes more pictures, but it is only for technical purposes to guarantee delivery amount. These extra files are always deleted after selection by the photographer and cannot be supplied to the client. If there are some extra files with decent quality above delivery amount, then client can buy them separately.

For expensive packages amount of files not always is bigger than for the budget packages. This depends from a client and complexity of post processing requested.

Q: Will you use our photos in any way?

A: We will be happy to present your photos in our portfolio. For you and for your children we will prepare release documents which you may sign. Then you receive a pdf file with this release. If the contract was signed between us and a client, then this statement is a part of the contract. Commercial use of your photos is possible only with your written permission.

Q: Can I request source (raw or not edited) files from a photographer after delivery?

A: No, not before, not after. Delivery is according to contract only. If not agreed something different, then it is downloadable jpeg files in sRGB color space, 300dpi. Dimensions may vary, but not less than 4-6 MP.

Client can order additional post processing of selected files for a fee defined after evaluation of a request. If we accepted to provide this service, then signing of a new contract is mandatory.

Q: How long do you keep files of Client?

A: By default 6 months, in secured online folder or another secure storage, and only delivered files. You can re-download them at any time if necessary. If you want to keep files more long time, then we can provide this on commercial base.

By agreement we can keep not only delivered files, but raw files too. In such case client can order post processing in another style, size, cropping etc.

Q: I expected files bigger.

A: If you didn’t mention desired sizes exactly, then files are delivered according to default packages. High resolution files are downloadable, low resolution images can be downloaded or copied from the screen, if not ordered in a contract.

Q: Can I order print from your site?

A: Yes, it is reasonable for VIP and Luxury packages, because we work with high-end labs. Prints will be delivered to your address. Please be sure that you provided a correct address and name to avoid additional delivery fees. Check before payment if the lab can deliver in your country. For visitors and for basic packages it is simpler to use local labs.

Q: Which levels of service do you provide?

A: We are flexible; normally it is 3 levels or custom tailor-made solution. Please refer to our services pages for more details.

Q: If shooting location is far or abroad from location of the photographer, how do you arrange the financial part?

A: This will be agreed in contract. By default the price will include relocation and stay. If it is difficult to define in advance, then client receives a quotation and pays 50% of service fee, and full relocation and stay costs, not refundable. The difference should be covered by the client on delivery to remove watermarks. We follow no-refund policy for paid and downloaded digital images.

Q: Why basic Reportage package is restricted to digital downloads?

A: This is a budget package created to satisfy client’s demand. Not all people need huge files and posters. If you want more services to include, then please demand a tailor-made solution or higher level packages like Luxury or VIP. The rule – you get what you pay for is applied to photography business too.

Q: I want to see images in delivery size before payment.

A: We provide samples on our site and 100% crops folder. During personal meeting we can show high resolution images from our portfolio. This is not possible if you can communicate over internet only. In such case we can provide only watermarked low resolution presentations - proofs before payment.

Q: We are in Belgium with a short visit. Can you help us with shopping? We want to buy a wedding dress and suit for our session.

A: We can provide such help and visit shops with you. This is time based service. Regarding locations for photo session, please think in advance, because some of locations require permissions and can be scheduled 2-3 weeks before your photo session, and you need to pay for permissions. In Brussels and Belgium there are many other very beautiful locations which don’t require permissions.

Q: I ordered reportage, but on images there are people and objects which I don’t want.

A: This is specific to reportage. It is real life, which is around you. Your agreement does not include deep retouching, removal of people and objects. You can order more complex retouch for an additional fee for selected images.

For reportages of Editorial/Documentary type, provided for media or authorities, no objects can be removed or added to photos, no changes can be applied except corrections of contrast and brightness or conversion in black&white.



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